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04/19/2011 Blue arrow Integrating Twitter with an ASP.NET site

Author: khorvat
Twitter has become the most popular social networking service for writing and sharing short text messages. MonoX now allows you to easily include a list of selected tweets to your pages without using third party tools and utilities.
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04/04/2011 Blue arrow MonoX API

Author: pajo
Very often you can fine tune MonoX functionality without programming, but some solutions do require a lot of background ASP.NET knowledge. To ease the learning curve in this type of scenarios, we have decided to introduce a fully fledged MonoX API that allows developers to easily access and modify MonoX objects and features.
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01/19/2011 Blue arrow Upgrading to new MonoX version

Author: denis
Upgrading an existing MonoX site to the new version can sometimes be a complex task as there are many areas that may been changed or customized between versions. This article presents a handy step-by-step tutorial you can use to upgrade your old site/application to the newest version of MonoX.
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11/01/2010 Blue arrow ASP.NET Hosting Review, Part 4

Author: denis
In this post we are continuing to search through the Virtual Private Server (VPS) market, trying to find the best and the most affordable services to host MonoX and other similar  ASP.NET applications. Discover why Rackspace may be the right choice if you need the premium performance for your sites.
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10/29/2010 Blue arrow ASP.NET Hosting Review, Part 3

Author: denis
In the third part of our ASP.NET hosting review series we seeked to avoid the limitations of low end shared hosting environments. If you need much better degree of process isolation and application performance, a Virtual Private Server might be the best choice. Find out where you can have a fully featured virtual server for a very low price.
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10/28/2010 Blue arrow ASP.NET Hosting Review, Part 2

Author: denis
If a $20 ASP.NET hosting service described last time is still too much for your budget, we made an extra effort to find a super cheap, yet reliable hosting service for every pocket. Does $5 for a full featured service sounds better? It may sound too good to be true, but Arvixe succeeds in redefining the market rules in this segment.
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10/04/2010 Blue arrow Support for ASP.NET profiles in MonoX

Author: khorvat
We are proud to announce that MonoX now includes full support for ASP.NET profile infrastructure. All configuration changes are immediatelly visible in the front end profile-related Web parts, making it easy to include unlimited number of custom fields to the user's profile without any programming and without the need to recompile the solution.
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09/29/2010 Blue arrow Support for ASP.NET 4.0 in MonoX

Author: khorvat
The newest version of MonoX (3.2.1766.35 and above) fully supports .NET framework 4.0. 

MonoX has a preconfigured web.config for .NET 4.0 that needs to be used when you are installing MonoX on the .NET 4.0 platform. It is recommended to use this web.config before you start the MonoX installation. Note that you need to give the worker process account a write permission on the web.config to automatically setup the web application, otherwise you need to do it manually.

If you are upgrading an existing MonoX based Web application please sync the web.config files, copy the .NET 4.0 enabled web.config to the application root and then change the '<add key="InstallationDone" value="false"/>' to '<add key="InstallationDone" value="true"/>'.

The web.config file can be obtained from the following location in the installation package: "MonoX/Samples/Solution/web4.0.config".
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09/12/2010 Blue arrow Hosting multiple applications in MonoX

Author: denis
A simple solution that allows you to host unlimited number of ASP.NET applications from a single database and virtual directory.
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04/06/2010 Blue arrow Application Optimization in MonoX

Author: denis
Last month we've published an application optimization package - Web Application Optimizer (WAO) - with features that include HTTP compression, ViewState optimization and CSS/Javascript optimization. WAO significantly increases the response time for Web applications of all sizes, and, most importantly, there is no need to modify the source code of your applications!

The package works in very different application scenarios and we've got plenty of useful feedback from the first group of users. There has been a slight confusion related to the availability of WAO in our MonoX framework. I wanted to formally announce that  WAO is available by default in all versions of MonoX. It is easy to tell if the WAO is active by the absence of big ViewState data chunk from the page source.
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