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02/18/2014 Blue arrow How to add math formulas into MonoX

Author: kpeulic
Frequently working with mathematical formulas and expressions? See how to extend the default MonoX HTML editor and add more math power to your solutions.
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02/22/2013 Blue arrow How To Upgrade Windows Phone 7.5 to Windows Phone 7.8

Author: kpeulic
In this article I'll give you a simple solution to upgrade your Windows Phone 7.5 to Windows Phone 7.8 OS. This method was successfully tried and tested with my Nokia Lumia 900, but it should work for all others Windows Phones.
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01/20/2013 Blue arrow SQL Tips & Tricks: full-text query optimization

Author: kpeulic
How to optimize your slow SQL full text index query that uses a combination of LEFT JOIN and OR operators. A simple switch to the EXISTS operator will make all your performance problems disappear in a moment.
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08/17/2012 Blue arrow Using Google Photos API in ASP.NET

Author: kpeulic
This is my first article in a series describing the Google Photos API in ASP.NET. I’ll explain how you can easily pull a list of the web photo albums from the popular Google Picasa service.
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05/02/2012 Blue arrow Using Windows Live Writer with MonoX

Author: kpeulic
Microsoft Windows Live Writer is a free desktop application that makes it easier to compose compelling blog posts using numerous blog services. It features true offline WYSIWYG blog authoring and photo/map publishing. 
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03/27/2012 Blue arrow MonoX news category management

Author: kpeulic
News category administration allows users to create and maintain a hierarchy of news categories in MonoX. Before you add your first news article you should add at least one news category. Check this post to see how to do it...
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